The Silk Magnolia team, recently embarked on an exciting sourcing trip to Bali. This adventure took them on a journey to discover new fabric suppliers and forge partnerships with a talented new maker. 

Before departure, the team packed their Silk travel accessories to ensure comfort on the flight. Silk Pillow, Silk Travel Blanket and Silk Eye Mask, a must have for any discerning traveller.

Bali is renowned for its rich textile heritage, making it the perfect destination for Silk Magnolia's sourcing expedition. Immersed in the island's vibrant culture, the team had the opportunity to connect with local fabric suppliers, seeking out the highest quality silk materials available.

Silk Magnolia sought out a new maker in Bali who shared their passion for exceptional craftsmanship. Collaborating with local artisans was a key focus of the trip, as Silk Magnolia was determined to bring the finest workmanship to their products. After careful consideration and exploration, the brand discovered a talented maker whose expertise and attention to detail perfectly aligned with Silk Magnolia's commitment to quality and elegance.

Silk Magnolia's sourcing trip to Bali was not only about finding exceptional materials and skilled artisans but also about upholding ethical and sustainable practices. The brand's commitment to responsible sourcing guided their choices, ensuring that the fabric suppliers they partnered with adhered to fair trade principles and environmental standards. By nurturing these sustainable practices, Silk Magnolia continues to offer their customers products that are not only luxurious but also conscious and responsible.

The sourcing trip to Bali has provided the brand with the opportunity to enhance their product offerings, as they look to expand on their sleepwear collection. 

The team retuned with fabric for their local Geelong maker, which saw the launch of the Spring Flowers Pillowcase. Keep an eye out for new products arriving and get ready to embrace this summer season in Silk!